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Improve Your Trading Experience

DeriBot will improve your trading experience with faster reaction on any market volatility. Every possibility of profit will be used to increase your balance.

The robot works in way to close any position with profit. After each executed order, the robot changes the grid opposite to the open position so that the first order becomes Take Profit, which is located one Grid Step away from the average price of the open position. All orders are Post-only, so you take extra profit from rebate.

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24/7 algorithmic trading

The robot is working on our servers located close to deribit, you only need to register, choose a subscription, set your API configuration and choose you trading style.

Loss Protection

DeriBot is set up to have “Safety first” principle in mind. So it places StopLoss(market, reduce only) orders first, to be sure that in any circumstances no positions would be left opened. With our product, you can be sure that your deposit is always protected.

Flexibility & Customization

You can customize parameters of trading in your individual style. You can also configure your protection settings. We provide 'Default settings' matching current market volatility. Also, you can check and compare variety of settings in our Twitter

Fully Customizable Trading Grids

You can decide by yourself, how bot will trade for you. For first time tests we have recommended 'Deafult Settings'. After taking first experience, you could make your personal strategy. Test, improve and find your best choice for automatic trading.

Also, if you want to better understand the settings, we advise you to check our Twitter. There we post trading reports, comparative settings tests, current updates and much more.

About Deribit

Deribit is a Bitcoin trading platform that enables individuals around the world to engage in futures and options trading. The platform allows traders to take advantage of up to 100x leverage when trading Bitcoin futures. While not so well known as other cryptocurrency futures exchanges, Deribit is growing in popularity and proving to be an attractive alternative for crypto enthusiasts actively involved in futures trading. We choosing Deribit for their great api performance, fast interaction between our and deribit servers providing immediate reaction on any market situation.
ATTENTION: Our product is created for trading on Deribit exchange, but not affiliated with it. For any questions please contact with DeriBot team, not an exchange support.

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All prices in BTC. Discounts for several months subscription: 3 months -5%, 6 months -10%, 12 months -20%

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You can earn extra BTC by introducing our product to others. Set your wallet in account settings, get referral link, give it to people interested in cryptotrading and enjoy your earnings. Once a user visit by your referral link, he will be linked to your account, even if he will register later .Users with best referral performance at the end of the year will get special prizes.